We at CleanMe firmly believe that providing a healthy and safe environment to all our stakeholders is our utmost priority. Whether you are a customer, staff or third parties, our health & safety systems are designed with our commitment to you.


We contribute to the NZ economy indirectly by providing clean workplaces resulting in lesser sick days and employees.
We provide sanitizing service which not only kills bacteria and viruses but also reduces the chances of the spreading of cold and flu.

Cross Contamination

We use color coded micro-fibre cloths to ensure that there is no cross contamination between wiped surfaces in kitchen, toilets and general wiping surfaces.

Security & Insurance

  • CleanMe holds a $5 million of public liability insurance.
  • All our franchisees wear CleanMe branded uniforms.
  • All our staff wear a personnel Photo ID.
  • CleanMe franchisees use branded sign written vehicles.
  • All our staff go through a Ministry of Justice and Police background check.
  • We at CleanMe hold these checks on file and can present these to our customers as required.

Air Quality

Carpets in workplaces with high traffic areas can be a breeding ground for dust mites and allergens. We use backpack vacuum cleaners which provide deep carpet cleaning. These vacuum cleaners are specifically designed for heavy commercial use with heap filters which trap dust to ensure a cleaner air quality.

Client Care

Your business is very important to us. Our client care systems and procedures are designed with our customers as the primary focus in ensuring a long term partnership.

  • Our Franchisees are fully trained to promptly respond to your specific cleaning requirements, requests and suggestions.
  • We keep direct contact with our clients on a one-on-one basis to ensure that you are satisfied with our services at all times and to address any issues.
  • We place communication books at every site to ensure that our customers can communicate with our franchisees on a daily basis regarding any matter.
  • We create electronic folders for each client as a repository where we save all client communication exchange. We can provide these to our clients at any time.

Environmental Care

At CleanMe we firmly believe that we have to be environmentally responsible in our practices to support the NZ pure and clean brand but also to do our bit for future generations.

  • All our staff goes through training programme where we highlight our environment policy.
  • Our staff learn the right formulation of cleaning chemicals which in turn reduces excessive amount of chemicals used.
  • We source and use cleaning products which are not harsh to use on surfaces
  • Good micro-fibre clothes can clean better by absorbing or lifting more dirt resulting in lesser amount of chemicals used which is better for the environment.
  • Our franchisees carry the material safety data sheets for all chemicals used and can be presented to our clients at any time.

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