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Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning serviceCarpets are everywhere, in homes, offices, schools and businesses and can develop stains, dirt, pollen, odors and mould as the years go by. Our professional carpet cleaning service can rejuvenate and bring your old carpet back to life.

No job is too big or small for our carpet cleaning service, so whether it is just removing a stain or a full flood restoration we can help you with any request. We will not only professionally clean your carpets but will get them looking new again. So whether you are moving in or out of your home, flat or business, just give us a call and our professional carpet cleaning team will take care of the rest. We will make your carpets looking fresh and smelling great.

At CleanMe we have a range of services which can cater for your carpet and upholstery needs, so whether it is your carpet, rugs, mattresses or lounges we can deal with any kind of job whether it is to remove deep stains, pet hair or just sprucing up your carpets and upholstery to give a clean and fresh look.

We have a team of highly experienced professionals who are trained to deal with any of your carpet cleaning needs. We use the latest technology, carpet cleaning and sanitizing chemicals for

  • Removing stains, whether these are caused by that late night party or a food and drink accident.
  • Removing bad odors caused by a recent accident or years of stubborn accumulation like nasty smoke smell.
  • Flood restoration caused by a leaky pipe or due to a heavy downpour.
  • Or just a need for annual cleaning to give your furnishings a new look in order to inject life for years to come.

Local Based Service

Our franchisees are locally based which allows them to cater to any of your upholstery and carpet cleaning needs with little or no delay.

Carpet Cleaning Quality Guarantee

We guarantee to live up to your expectations and if you are not happy with our service or found a section of your carpet or stain left untreated, just give us a call and we will get this fixed at no cost to you.

Expert Carpet Cleaning Advice

Our carpet cleaning team consists of professionals who have experience in the industry and can provide you with free tips on how to maintain your carpets or other upholstery on a day to day basis. No two jobs are the same and the material of furnishings and carpets vary, which makes more sense that you must consult our carpet cleaning team to give you expert advice. We can give you valuable advice on solutions that you can use on your own for the regular upkeep and maintenance of your furnishings, carpets and upholstery.

Before and After Carpet Cleaning:

Commercial & Residential Carpet CleaningCommercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning
Commercial & Residential Carpet CleaningCommercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning

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Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning

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Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning

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Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning

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Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning

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Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning

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