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Commercial Cleaning In Auckland

Whether you are a small business or a big organisation, our Auckland commercial cleaning services can provide you with a clean workplace environment. Absenteeism is a major factor that affects your bottom line. Unhealthy workplaces directly contribute to this and it pays to keep your premises clean and healthy.

Offices, workshops, factory floors, schools, gymnasiums, cafes, bars, banks, shopping malls, cinema halls and any other place where people congregate can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This eventually leads to cross contamination, sicker employees and a high number of sick leave days. Therefore it is crucial that specialist cleaning companies are employed to give you peace of mind.

This is where we come in, irrespective of the size of your business we will customise a site specific plan to tackle areas that could potentially be making your employees or workers sick. We will work hard and smarter to provide your commercial cleaning solutions which are unparalleled in the New Zealand cleaning market.

Though the service offering of most Auckland commercial cleaning companies are similar, we think that we have an edge. The reason for this is our client care systems and procedures which will allow us to provide you cleaning services that many other companies miss out on or fall behind.

Thinking Of Buying Expensive Cleaning Machinery, Talk To Us!

At CleanMe Cleaning we firmly believe that the latest technology and machinery not only reduces the time to do any job but also provides a cost-effective cleaning solution which is both quicker and safer.

Doing jobs with excessive use of elbow grease is not only an outdated approach which can cost us with high staff turnaround but also injuries. To minimise this, we believe that investment in the latest machinery is the best approach.

Therefore, if you are an organisation or business looking to invest in new cleaning machinery, talk to us and we can provide the machinery needed to service your site without you having to invest directly.

Floor Scrubbing

Floor scrubbing machines are an excellent way to clean large floors of venues and businesses whether it is for Supermarkets, DIY Stores, Factory Floors, Stadiums, Warehouses, Large Cafes and other hospitality outlets, Schools, Large Office Corridors and Event Centres.

Instead of vacuuming and mopping large areas these machines can do the same job by scrubbing and cleaning floors of light debris, dust, oil, grease and floor or scuff marks. These machines have a scrubbing head and an automated system for dispensing cleaning solution and then vacuuming it up with an autoscrubber squeegee attachment at the back of the machine.

These machines can be used for all types of hard floors whether it is lino, vinyl, concrete – polished or unpolished and even wooden floors.

At CleanMe we have a range of floor scrubbing machines, from walk behind to ride on machines for very large floors.


We have recently invested in the new SkyVac Technology for internal high reach cleaning in Auckland.

The conventional way for cleaning high beams, walls and ceiling is to either build a scaffolding for reach or to hire a scissor lift. Both these common approaches involve heavy machinery or set up which can be quite expensive while requiring personnel which are trained as well as Health & Safety Compliant.

With the SkyVac technology one of our operators can clean your high ceiling, walls and beams from the ground below, which is both cost effective and meets health & safety requirements. SkyVac is a powerful and big 3 stage wet and dry vacuum cleaner built with light carbon fibre poles which can reach up to 40 metres. At the end of the poles is a wireless CCTV Camera and the operator can exactly see what they are cleaning with a wireless monitor below.

If you are a Special Facility involved in manufacturing, Sealed Air Tight Environment, Logistics & Transportation, Supermarket, DIY Store, Stadiums, Warehouses, Large Cafes and other hospitality outlets, Schools, Event Centres and other businesses with high ceilings & beams and are constantly struggling to keep on top of high dusting and cleaning, then talk to us in how we can build a custom plan to tackle this with the SkyVac Technology.

Outdoor & Indoor Sweeping – Car Park Cleaning

Vacuuming large floor areas can be a tedious task and you may not necessarily be able to obtain optimum results. Vacuum machines are also limited to indoor areas.

At CleanMe we have a range of floor sweepers which can pick up debris while controlling dust for any size floor whether required for indoor or outdoor tasks. These machines are designed to work under tough conditions and is made of materials which are weather proof and can be operated under any circumstances thus delivering high productivity.

These machines are ideal for cleaning Car Parks and can pick up all sorts of debris, screws, broken bottles, bottle caps, cigarettes butts, leaves, small shards of metal and can be use on any type of floor whether it is Asphalt or Sealed Car Parks, Tiles, Lino and Concrete floors.

If you are a small or a large Auckland business and need your Car Park to be spruced, then talk to us!

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