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These days, vinyl floors are everywhere, from schools to kindergartens, factory floors, showrooms, offices, sports centers, gymnasiums, laboratories and any other business with high foot traffic. Vinyl flooring is hard wearing and long lasting and is the primary reason why it is used in so many places and businesses. However vinyl floors need regular maintenance, floor polishing and upkeep especially in high foot traffic areas.

Vinyl floors have a layer of polish or sealer which gives it that clean and glossy look and also protects it. In time the polish looses its sheen and the floor is open to scratches and abrasion. This polish also eventually wears out with time and use resulting in floors becoming dull and need to be restored. Use of harsh chemicals to mopthese floors also adds to the problem as it strips off the sealer or polishleaving the original vinyl floor prone to damage.

This is where we come in, at Cleanme we have years of experience in vinyl floor polishing and restoration. Vinyl floors are not cheap to put it and it is wise to protect your investment to ensure their longevity. Our friendly and experienced team has expertise to give you right advice and recommendation in how to maintain vinyl floors and to extend thelife of vinyl for years to come.

Also we would like to point out that despite popular belief that the shinier the floors the more slippery they become. However this is completely the opposite as the right grade and quality of vinyl floor polish or sealer not only protects the floors but actually provide a non slip surface which contributes to health and safety.

Anybody can sell you a vinyl floor polishing service but what you may not know that it requires years of experience to actually restore floors rather than to put few coats of polish to make the floors look shiny. This method does nothing for the floors and only keeps attracting dust particles and scratch marks.  Also this is a costly exercise as companies would want you to believe that you need to polish your floors constantly.

This is not the Cleanme way, we don’t believe that this is the right approach and we have to be honest and provide the best solutions to our customers. To correctly restore your vinyl floor is a three step process.

The CleanMe Three Step Floor Polishing Process

1. To strip existing floors – this step is very important as stripping floors is the actual preparation before the floors can be restored. The attention paid during this step dictates how the final floors will end up. At Cleanme we are also different with other cleaning companies as using harsh stripper is common in the industry in order to remove the accumulated dirt and removing the old layer of polish.

Strippers are caustic chemicals which are not only bad for the environment but also can remove paint from your side or skirt boards. Also if attention is not paid and the stripper splashes on your walls, it is virtually impossible to remove and the only solution is to paint the walls.

We however use a different technique which is to use a dense grit non scratch pad attached to the buffing machine which does the same job. The buffing machines spinning at high revs lift up the accumulated dirt and the old layer of polish. We mop floors with clean water after every few square meters of stripped polish. When finished the floors look clean but have a dry appearance. Now the floors are ready to be revived.

2. Applying a floor sealer or polish – It is during this step that the floors come alive. We use a high grade floor sealer or polish which is applied using an applicator. Ideally three to four coats of polish is applied depending on how glossy or shiny the customer wants their floors to look like and the conditions of the floors before the first process and how long the floors haven’t been restored. Right drying time is also very important between each coat of polish, in a well ventilated area it takes between 30 to 45 minutes of a layer of polish to dry.

3. The third and the final step – Is to run the buffing machine with a gently grit non scratch pad which lifts the shine to another level and completes the restoration process.

At this point we can recommend our clients in the day to day maintenance of the floors as restored floors are easy to clean and manage. We can also customize a site specific plan to keep your floors looking clean and shiny which creates a good impression to your customers. Our franchise managers will contact you twice a year and are most happy to visit and inspect the condition of the floors.

We will assess your individual demands and will work within your time frames and budget to recommend you solutions that best suits your organization. For example there is no need for a full restoration and repeating of the three steps above and depending on the condition, your floors may just need another quote of polish or to run the buffer with a gently pad to bring up the polish.

So if your floors are looking dull or need a full restoration, call us now and we will provide you with a no obligation free expert consultation to assess your floors.

Waikato School of Hairdressing Gallery

Below are some images of the vinyl floor restoration work that we have done for the
Waikato School of Hairdressing who have been our customers for a number of years.

Click the images below to enlarge.

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